Antioxidant 1330

Basic Information

Antioxidant LP-1330

Chemical Name:1,3,5-trimethyl-2,4,6-tri(3,5-di-tert-butyl-4-hydroxy-benzyl)benzene

CAS NO: 1709-70-2

Molecular Formula: C54H78O

Molecular Weight: M=775 Chemical Structure Formula:

Item Requirements
Appearance White crystal Powder
Volatility(%) £0.10
Ash Content(%) £0.1
Melting Point() 240.0-245.0
Clarity of Solution Clear Solution
Light Transmittance 425nm:³96.0% 500nm:³98.0%
Assay(%) ³98
Melting Range() 50-55















Features: Itis a high molecular weight hindered phenolic antioxidants for polyolefins, PET and PBT thermoplastic such as polyester, polyamide, styrene resin and polyurethane, natural rubber and other elastomer material with good compatibility with the resin resistance extraction, low volatility, oxidation efficiency and good electrical insulation characteristics, especially suitable for high-temperature processing of polyolefin pipes, plastic products, wire and cable products, the processing area. The goods and phosphite, phosphorothioate esters, ketones and other auxiliary benzofuran and carbon free radical scavenger antioxidants with good synergy.

Applications: Depending on the application resin, processing conditions and application of environmental requirements on the stability of the different products, durable, LP-1330's recommended dosage is as follows:Polyolefin resin:0.05-0.5%,Hot melt adhesive:0.2-1.0% 0.1-0.5%; Tackifying resin synthesis:0.1-0.5%.

Storage:Stable in property. No special requirement but keep ventilation and away from water and high temperature.

Packing:It is packed in cardboard box lined with plastic bags with the net capacity of 20 kg.


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