Optical brightener Agent 199 liquid (Blankophor ER 330 (Bayer); Ultraphor RN (BASF))

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: LONGPU
Certification: REACH,SGS,ISO9001
Model Number: OBA 199 LIQUID
Minimum Order Quantity: 50KG
Price: Confirm the order date
Packaging Details: 25kg
Delivery Time: Within 7days
Payment Terms: T/T ,L/C
Supply Ability: Prompt
CAS NO: 13001-39-3 Active: 20%
PH: 6-7
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fabric whitener ingredients


fabric whitening agents


Optical Brightener Agent 199 liquid 20% (CAS No: 13001-39-3)


I Technical data:

Appearance: pale yellow dispersion liquid

Shade: bluish violet

Particle size: 90%≤2μm

PH value: 6-7

Density: 1.04±0.001

II Applications:

This product is mainly used for whitening and brightening of polyester, polyester-cotton, polyester-silk, polyester-yarn, polyester-, polyester-wool and other blend fabrics, and for whitening of chemical fiber plastics as well. This product is applicable to pad dyeing, high-temperature and high-pressure exhaust dyeing, especially to low-temperature absorption (exhaust dyeing) and high-temperature thermo-fix processes.

III Directions for use and dosage: (only for reference)

1. Thermosol method:

Dosage: 1.5-3g/L

Procedure: 2 dips 2 nips (pick up: 70%) → pre-drying (100℃) → drying and thermo-fixing (180-190℃, 40 -30 seconds)

2. High-temperature and high-pressure exhaust dyeing method:

Dosage: 0.2-0.5%(o.w.f)

Liquor ratio: 1:10-20

Dyeing temperature: 120-130℃

Dyeing time: 30-60min

PH value: 4.5-5.5 (adjusted with acetic acid)

3. Dip dyeing method of low-temperature absorption and high-temperature thermo-fixing and curing:

Dosage: 0.5-1.0%(o.w.f)

Liquor ratio: 1:10-20

Dyeing temperature: 50-60℃

Dyeing time: 30min

PH value: 4.5-5.5 (adjusted with acetic acid)

Procedure: add BC-100 FWA and additive (anhydrous sodium sulphate 1-2% relative to weight of fabric, PH value adjusted with glacial acetic acid) and fabric into the dye bath at room temperature → raise temperature to 50℃ and dye for 30min →washing → dehydration and pre-drying (100℃) → curing and thermo-fixing (180-190℃, 40-30s).

IV Using tips

1. If suspension liquid precipitates and separates after stored for a long period, please fully stir before use.

2. It shall be used within the yellowing spot range of this product, i.e. pad dyeing ≤5g/L, exhaust dyeing ≤0.7% (o.w.f). It will be subject to yellowing if beyond the dosage range.

V Packaging and storing:

5kg in plastic drum, 20kg/ paper carton (4 drums). Quality guarantee period is 8-12 months at normal temperature.

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