Antioxidant 1010

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Minimum Order Quantity: 50KG

Antioxidant LP-1010

Chemical Name:Pentaerythrityle Tetrak-is〔b-(3.5-di-tert-butyl-4-hydroxyphenyl)-propionate〕

CAS NO: 6683-19-8 Molecular Formula:C73H108O12

Molecular Weight: M=117.65 

Typical Physical Properties:HG/T3713-2003

Item Standard
Appearance White Powder
Melting Range() 110-125
Volatility(%) £0.50
Solubility(2g/20ml,Toluene) Limpidity


Light Transmittance

425nm,% ³96.0
500nm,% ³98.0
Ash Content(%) £0.1
Effected Content(%) ³98
Purity(%) ³94

Features: The product is white crystalline powder, soluble in such organic solvents as benzene, toluene, chloroform and so on, slight soluble in alcohol, but insoluble in water. No transport or no frost spray when addedto the products because of its volatility. Little toxicity and its half lethal dose (for a white mouse is only LD50≥15000mg/kg). Many countries, such as U.S.A., have approved it used as packing material for food.

Applications: The product is the typical representative of hindered phenol antioxidants, non-poisonous, nondiscolouring as well as nonstaining and is an excellent top-quality approved in international. It is widely used in a variety of polymer materials, such as polypropylene, polyethylene,polyester, polyrethane, polystyrene, polyxymethylene, PBT, ABS, polyamide, synthetic rubber and so on. It is also a high grade antioxidant for natural and synthetic oil.

Storage: Stable in property. No special requirement but keep ventilation and away from water and high temperature.

Packing: Net weight 20kg bags.It can also be designed according to customers' requirements.

Recommended Dosage: 0.1-0.3%

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