Antioxidant 1135

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Minimum Order Quantity: 50KG

Chemical Name Benzenepropanoic Acid,3,5-Bis(1,1-dimethyl-ethyl)44hydroxy-c7-c9 branched alkyl esters

  Formula C25H42O3

  Molecular Weight 390 g/mol

  CAS Number 125643-61-0


Criterion                       Requirement

Appearance:                 Colorless or light yellow liquid

Clarity of solution:         Limpidity

Color (PtCo)No:              ⩽100

Purity(%):                      98.0% min (wt%)

Acidity:                         ⩽1.0mgKOH/g

Water(%) :                    ⩽0.10

Features: It shows excellent antioxidantion as well as pump-transport convenience. With low volatility and outstanding compatibility it shows especially good effect during the process of forced air cooling of PU.This function can also prevent surface fogging of auto parts and fabric’s coloring (e.g.: furniture,carpet etc_.The low volatility and liquid state maek it especially suitable under the condition of liquid,latex suspension,solution or melting polymerization and processing .It can be added before, in the middle of or after polymerization.

Applications: It is an excellent antioxidant for various polymers. For PU soft-foam rubber plate it can prevent polybasice alcohol from creating peroxide during storage period and prevent scorch during the process of froth. Used in lubricant oil,it could improve the thermal stability.

Recommended Dosage:0.15-0.5%

Package: Zinc galvanizing iron drums of 180kg each.

Storage:ANTIOXIDANT-LP1135 should be stored under suitable conditions (dry & cool).

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