Antioxidant 802/DSTP/DSTOP

Basic Information
Model Number: 802,DTSP

Chemical Name Distearyl Thiodipropionate


Formula C42H82O4S




Antioxidant 802/DSTP/DSTOP 0


Molecular Weight 775.2 g/mol


CAS Number 693-36-7

Specification Criterion Requirement

Appearance White Powder or flakes

Acid Value ⩽0.05(mgKOH/g)

Volatility ⩽0.05 (wt%)

Ash Content ⩽0.01(wt%)

Melting range (°C) 63.50-68.50


Applications: As a kind of excellent sulfur ester assistant antioxidant,it offers better effect than DLTDP,especially for PP and HDPE.Usually they are used with phenolic antioxidants so as to strengthen aging, light stabilities and improve the initial color and luster. In addition,it doesn’t cause pollution and pigmentation.


Transportation:ANTIOXIDANT-LP802 is not dangerous materials according to the transportation regulations.

Package: It is packed in cardboard box lined with plastics bags with the net capacity of 25kg.

Storage:ANTIOXIDANT-LP802should be stored under suitable conditions (dry & cool).

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